Drunken ramble

An inspirational motivational piece started off as "written ramble" and rolled with it. Definitely intoxicated when I wrote this.

So here's a new chapter in my life about to begin.

Looking out west
resume my conquest
be my very best
teach the rest.

About the flow;
on the snow
For sports to grow
My knowledge to show.

Lack of relationship
So to right the ship
To play my chips
Eventual championship

Maybe one day.....

No holds, all in
Let this new chapter begin.
Got to smile, got to grin
Making my future a lot less dim.

I don't know, I just felt like rhyming
Unless y'all consider me lying
Don't have distaste
Or hate,
Wash it all down the grates.
I'm not great
I'm just me
Just an ordinary man
Living to decree.

People think I'm a goner
Tomorrow I'll shine
Thrive with honor
The future is mine

Out like a tree
Roots that extend from the grounds
Being free

No bounds
No limits
Don't quit it.

Laughing out loud
This is just random.
Quite proud
Of this strange Poem.

The End

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