Inspired by Hamlet's "To be or not to be..." To personify the "sling and arrows of outrageous fortune" and "sea of troubles" that man face and fight in life due to the gift and curse of time.

Flexed between what was and is
Old dues and new storms
Battles long gone
Beaten against the sands
Bands playing old dirges
Dirges made for old skirmishes
Bushes made for blue thorned roses
Pose against the black grey grass.
It is the pass between time and the hourglass
Still sorrows, shattering grenades
The power of great men fade
Jaded warmongers cry bleeding
Kneeling ‘gainst the chapel pleading.
Gone and remembered what lasts
What’s hated
Bated with blind tears and blisters
Upon aching feet
Beating against the war drums
Fingers hands and bleeding thumbs
Old dirges for new skirmishes
Perplexing all perplexity.

The End

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