Drowned Feelings

water and bad emotions...

Shadows hang over the world,

Shallow pools,

Drifting majestically,


Invading a reflection of beauty,

A mortal being,

Walking upon passageways of turquoise wind,

Staring at a wondrous creature,

She arose from the deep,

Eyes of crimson,

Calm fire,

A body of sympathetic love,

Gliding slowly towards banks of dirt,

A white swan,


Glowing in the moonlight,

An ice hand reaches out,

The man,



Enters the woman's world,

Holding her,

Refusing to give her up,

She releases him,

Her watery body slowly disintegrating,

Sinking into the murky depths,

Raising her arms,

Welcoming him,

His mind follows,

Darkness pours over him,

His body motionless,

Swaying in the current,

Her dripping face appears,

Menacingly smiling.

The End

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