drown me in the ice

I really, really, really dislike winter.


stuck in this old town
where nothing ever changes.

people say that 
snow is beautiful.

i only see
broken bones
and cracked pride
stranded on the black ice

because to me
i don't see beauty in winter
there's just the suffocating white
and salt strewn on sidewalks

this is my country,
Canada with its good sides
and its bad sides
i'm not proud 
of how we built it,
on stolen land
and misheard treaties.

we're cold over here,
the homeless freezing to death
in the streets.

we're just trying to get by
because we're not an all-American country.

polite to a fault,
somewhat blind-sided to the wind,
and god, are we stubborn.

but i hate the snow.

The End

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