Drop Your Weapon

This is about how love and hate go hand in hand

Drop your knife,

drop your sweet words,

for i want to stop


I can't take anymore stabs,

anymore pain


thriving to get away


but i freeze,

letting the winter take me,

freezing till i am indestructable,

i come to life


you scream in anger as i rise,

with a sword,

biting your fire,

fighting your poison


one hit for me,

once cut for you,


One stab for you,

one wound for me,


and this is how it goes,

and goes,


taking strikes,

making memories,

to destory us,


we face each other,

but i can't see your face,

for your cloak is in the way,


one hit for you,

one cut for me,


but it stops,

slow motion comes to play,

as i take your cloak off,

revealing your face,

your beautiful blue and green eyes,

and your soft brown hair,

to leave your full lips untouched,


for me,


I touch your hand,

and grab your hips,

leaving you with a kiss,


one kiss,

but than i feel the stab of your



life leaves my eyes,

tears dripping from my eyes,


you smile

but than

you kiss me

breathing life into me,





finally revived,


for you to take me,

and i stab you,


ready to do it all over again,


because our love is our


The End

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