you drive me crazy

and you make me wanna scream

without knowing

i saw you with her

i knew about this before

but now it is starting to set in

the reality of it all

how i had my chance

but i kept quiet

and some part of me wants you to read this

to understand why i feel the way i do

but the other part

the part that is more rational

says keep this hidden

you don't need to know

but the way you looked at me

with your arms around her hips

made me think you already knew

because the next time i saw you

she was not in tow

and you looked at me with that

same knowing look

but thats me pretending

 she was probably in the restroom

or off somewere else

getting ready to come back to you

still that look you gave me

from over her shoulder

i can't shake it

and it's driving me crazy

you're driving me crazy

The End

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