Drink To Forget

Ed Sheeran, cheers for the random inspiration~

It's too cold outside for angels to fly
But they'll keep flying
And breaking their beautiful wings
Like a little bird that we took in
"We could nurse it" you said.
And I made you cry
When I left that little bird
Alone in the world to die

That wasn't the end, though
Of you and I
We ended over U-N-I
Because I wanted to be like you
So I could feel your bitterness.
But you never even tried.
And I always tried less
Than you.

You became a cold, wayfaring stranger
To me; in the lego house
That I built up
And you knocked down.
Laughing like it wasn't important
"It's not a homeless life for me
We're just home less than we'd like to be"

Remembering times when
I fell in love
As you would wake me up.
My cold coffee from the night before
But I'm drunk off last nights
Whiskey and coke. Another day
Still so complicated
In every way. In no way.

I remember
I saw it in your movements that night
But you'd been strumming on my heart strings
In the city that never sleeps
As I cried for the lego house
Once my home
Knocked down as you told me the small bump would be unborn
Knocked down as I asked you to lie with me but you said "I'll lie alone."

When I wake up from this
I want to be drunk.

Then maybe I'll get drunk again. 

The End

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