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(Hint: Do as the title tells you to see a secret message)


Always she sits alone, letting her tears stain the pages of her memoir

When asked about it,

It’s chill, really it is, but her heart is on fire, burning out the fear yet reviving it.

Too much love has killed her mind, allowing her to d-r-i-f-t

Simple thought really, encompassing all others

“Run run into simplicity it’s the only way to live your life

Away! Into the breeze


She watches the waves hit the sand

Must she go on?

Run, if you want to

It’s too late to look back

Coming full circle to you

For you need to d-r-i-f-t

Her eyes will only meet yours when you d-r-i-f-t


Read the lines carefully child, and d-r-i-f-t.

The lines between truth and reality are upon you

Signs of hope and despair disappear when you read them carefully"

He’s out there somewhere, she knows

Coming to find her

To love her

Kill the depressing thoughts and d-r-i-f-t

You have to read carefully, and d-r-i-f-t


Turn the page

Back up and rearrange

To know who you are

Live, and live abundantly

The End

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