Windmills and Toasters

I was standing in an open field, don't ask me how I got there.
One second I was being chased, the next, in some fine weather.
I looked around to get some stock of where my mind had hurried;
but the grass was green, the sun was hot, so I wasn't worried.

I wasn't quite alone, you see; there were some other objects.
But I couldn't quite see how they fit, or how they should connect.
There were some smallish windmills, their arms rotating slowly.
There were also giant silver toasters; my eyes, they didn't fool me.

I checked to see if a toaster worked, and indeed, I got a slice.
I slapped some cheez-whiz on that bad boy and ate it with delight.
Next, I walked up to a windmill and noticed a small door.
I thought, 'Why not? Let's have a go.' and I was ready to explore.

The End

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