Dreamspeak: The Poetic Justice of Your Dreams

I once dreamed a dream of epic proportions,
But all I remember are epic distortions
The memory only comes in bits and in bites
Though I'll tell you the tale, as it comes in my sights

I remember the darkness, first sheeted and covered
I remember the will to move, but I couldn't be bothered
And then my eyes opened and I was in a dark room
It was my bedroom of sorts, though it felt like doom

The windows and doors, were all slanted and tall
And the bed was quite large, with black sheets on top of it all
Below the surface of the sheets, there appeared small lumps
And they moved and they twittered, like small camel humps

I pulled my legs out from the covers, and up to my chest
And my eyes watched avidly around me and abreast
The lumps they did stop, and they all moved towards me
I cringed and closed my eyes, wondering what could this horror be?

The End

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