Dreams of Lies

Relationship death sucks.

The complete utter fear of being violently smashed against rock bottom.
Startling, yet completely desolate.
Being incapable of suffering.
One could describe it as being weak.
Dragged, scathed and tortured in the euphoric classroom in my dreams.
The mental turmoil leaves an impression lasting.
Dropped into an illusive point of time, void of meaning.
Even for it to be in an acquired language smites your pride.
Daring to write such compliments on the whiteboard of elusiveness;
Sadly in Slovak.
And to get a response in the same tongue?
"Milujem ťa" still echoes.
All happens before the sudden consciousness at 6am.
While an air of oppression knocks you into the darkness.
It's only up to you to surgically remove the mental ties to her.
The mental ordeals of disturbing aspects become as blank as walls.
A passionless existence.
Such is the anticipation of demise.
Never of your life.
But instead the dulling, stilling, yet colourless aspects of the ordeal
I am now your king.
Never anything other shall be favourable.
For those horrors -- those horrors -- still lie within.

The End

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