Dreams Of Forever

What are dreams made of?
Those vivid colors and images that come to us
Stolen by the night

I want to be in a place where
Time means Nothing
and days are Forever

I lie under a field of stars and
Wait for a shooting star to
Fall into my lap
But aren't we all waiting?

Waiting for a dream to be realized
Waiting for a lover to come back
Holding onto hope
And so we wait

Our souls never age and I'm
Afraid for it once
I leave this place

I want Everything
I want to live in
Dreams of forever
Reality alternates between the imagined

I want to know how it feels to sit cross legged on a mountain peak alone
Float on the waters of the Dead Sea
To give your heart freely when you
Already know it's going to get broken
To keep running for the horizon and never reach it

I want a love that would fill my heart
We'll paint our own dreamscapes and
Create our own private universe
Escape together into this world of ours
And find

I want to know how it feels like to be
A flaming star, shooting through the
Galaxies in the universe

The snow fell down last night
While everyone was asleep

I snuck out

I dance and twirl in my white dress
Blending into this winter wonderland
As snowflakes fell on my hair

The world felt pure and new again
If only for a moment

The End

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