Dreams in Greyscale

A nightmare I once had that's stuck with me for a while.

A world sunk into greyscale,
Silent birds hale me, screaming.
Lofty trees, moving, watch me.
I am running, see, along
A dusty track among bare
Hawthorne, a snare for shining
eyes, crying in the darkness.

A soft light glows up ahead,
A place for the dead, resting.
It feels, inviting, as I
Gaze, yellow tulips growing.
Death giving life to nature.
I’m sure I want to stop, a
peaceful place far beyond... this.

But I cannot stop running,
I’m shunning that haunting light.
Into frights and a cold dark.
Into a stark place, like moss.
living in chaos. Dreaming.
Screaming birds hale me. Greyscale.
A world sunk into silence.

The End

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