Dreams Bleed Over

Changed from a love poem to what it is now :3

Dreams died before the dawn

Bloody wet whispers, wishing you here to me

A silence brings us down to a reverie

Where we could share our secrets

Where is the one that holds you?

Why do I need to be the one who screams the truth to you?

As always time and fear entwined, to overthrow my plans

Yet visions hold the truth though now a blank canvas

Entwines to invade my vision

Hold my tongue.  Bring this morbid beauty to my side.

In the sight of heaven

I will be with you and with your soul


We hide ourselves in our temperament

This is the constant morbid fascination

That we hate the ones in person

But love them in the digital age

Two hearts that beat in loves gentle rhythm

Path of the soul


I see you with my second sight

Hair down, eyes closed in a cry

Close my eyes, so the darkened beauty is by my side

In the sight of heaven


Aimlessly we sleep towards our future

We are meant to be.

An endless sleep hides a million torments

Give them to me

Confuse me not for the thousand who made you a victim

Escape the past, affect you not, nightmarish visions

You're dreaming awake

Your heart that beats in the movement of the oceans calls to me.


Fear not for starlight skies

Come upon you every night

May my words bring the light

So you can radiate as my hidden secret.


I wait for my dreams to bleed over

So you can see them with me

If I could merge the real with the fantastic

I'd see you tonight


In time I will find you

Wait for darkness to fall again

A darkened highly held secret

I hate the world that defines me



I let my dreams bleed over

To your mind I set my path again

If I could merge the real with the fantastic

You'd never have a reason to cry


Bring my dreams to a fever pitch

Drown your sorrows in my arms

In the darkness you shall find your edenlight


Look not far but from within

Create memories from your skin

Allow dreams to bleed over, to guide your heart and live


Where is the heart that longs for understanding?

Hidden behind masks of vanity?

Why marry so early?

 Because you’re so scared to be alone?

Someone waits for your dreams to bleed over

So they can share theirs with you

And mold both into one


Let your mind shut down

Let your flesh die by going asleep

Change your reality

Design your Universe

And bleed into my dream.

The End

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