Lunar Eclipse

The night's not quite right without you
A little too dead without you
Who would've thought
A hunk of rock
Could shine so brightly?
Who would've thought
This lonely world
Could spin so tightly
So out of control?
Who would've thought the silent Moon could keep me whole?
You were not the Sun
Not even close
But I never wanted you to be one
You did not hold inside my shining hopes
But the way they reflected onto your face
The changes you made to my dreams made you seem so alive
You didn't have to shine bright,
You only had to shine to make yourself mine
Without you, the sky is dark
You are so much closer than the stars
They shine brightly but none can shine this far
No single star is anything you are
You did not hold my shining hopes inside
Instead you held and change the tides
It's dark out, my world shifts
Reality, it bends and slips, when no one shines their dreams on me
You are the moon.

The End

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