You're trapped
A senior citizen
Left unable to move
Unable to choose
You, old and wise and ready to die
Lost, alone, not truly alive.
You are a face without illusion
A rock amidst confusion
But, of course, you aren't.
You're a tree.
You live,
You breathe, in a way,
But without eyes cannot see, they say
They say you do not think, without a brain.
Without ears,
How could you hear?
You have no face
You are a series of chemical reactions
Tied to this place
Unless you aren't
Unless you are more than these molecules that make you whole
Perhaps you are something other, a spirit trapped, a stagnant soul
Perhaps it is me who is trapped, strapped, out of control
I, human being,
am I poisoning this perfect land?
Is it you who sings,
You who thinks, you who understands?

The End

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