I can’t remember the last time I felt like this
I’m such a child, amused by the silliest things
But when the Summer breeze filters through
my open window, all I can think about is you

Curl up beside me and we can wait for the rain
sometimes the sun just keeps us apart when
I need your warmth, you need my embrace
I’ll be here, where we first met

Who knows what will happen when we meet again
I am hoping the hysteria has faded and it’s no lie
I can’t wait to hold you again even if I have to wait
none of it matters as long as we try

My calendar is two months behind but this Indian Summer
threatens to steal Winter from right before us
But I don’t mind as long as the stars are aligned
I’ll sleep away the days until our time comes
It doesn’t matter
we’ll be in each other’s dreams

The End

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