The nightmares that frighten my dreams 

Leave me deaf to all th innocent screams 

The flowers die as i walk my path 

One of loathing and strife, i will unleash my wrath 

Ill dig within to make you proud 

You are an angel who fell from a cloud 

In a mind with endless doubts (i am insane) 

A body filled with icey veins 

This is a death ride i have the reins 

If only escape was an option for me 

But darkness consumes my soul, i cannot see 

Im a moth that survived the burning light 

I survive as a lurker of the night 

But baby your light burns so bright 

A beauty untold to mortals who have no right 

Believe me when i say forever more 

Because its you i truly love at my core 

I would take your place if dath knocked at the door 

To know your love, i couldnt ask for more 

Without you here my wrists grow sore 

Ill waste another day away 

Till i can embrace you and say 

I love you to death 

I love you with every breath

The End

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