dreaming, seeing, hoping, someone will find.

I'm dreaming,
Dreaming of you here,
So I know that you are there,
Dreaming when I'm asleep,
So I know that you care.

I'm lying awake,
Missing you more,
walking through that door,
Lying awake now I'm alive,
Because I know I need more.

Stuck in my thoughts,
How much I'm missing you,
Hoping it was true,
Thinking everything like,
if you miss me too?

This is a nightmare,
Cause you're not here with me,
In your dreams you will see,
Whilst I'm in my nightmare,
In your dreams what we can be.

I'm drifting,
Whilst I'm here alone,
Holding on to the things you've shown
While I'm falling asleep,
Knowing that I'm home.

I'm dreaming once again,
Knowing I am safe,
Lying down as I cover my face,
I'm dreaming once more,
Because we are in our place.


The End

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