A poem I dug up from some of my older work. (This is what happens when I clean my room - I find old poems I wrote years ago in my desk drawers!)

If I could dream a dream

Of honey and sweet cream

Of love that would burst at the seams

I would dream of the steam

That would drift from a dragon's mouth

And the wyverns flying south


A princess would cry bitter tears

When realized were her fears

That her beloved was dead

And in his stead

A vain prince; fortune had gone to his head


I would dream of dancing

And prancing

In the light of the moon

Of faeries and angels

Demons, werewolves

Howling in starlit glory


Last of all, I would dream of you

A smile would come to my face

Of terrors and nightmares

There would be no trace

I would wear white; trailing lace

You would hold me

In love's tender embrace

We would come face to face

And kiss a kiss slow and sweet

If only, if only

If I could dream a dream


The End

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