Dream of the Land

I am going, going always going

But one day I shall have to rest

Where could I find such solace?

All the lands have been taken

Its pain filled cries burned

As to be rendered useless for

The next generation

And the next generation

And the next because life is sacred

As long as you're human

I'm going, going always going

But where is there to go?

There is no land

All the animals have to co-habit

The cities, to breathe air that

Once housed life but

Now only contains death

The land and Natural 'disaster'

Unable to remove its parasitic

Alien concept

For the rebuilding and building

Continues at exponential rates

Perhaps not exponential

But at any rate

Still a cancerous growth

I'm going, going almost there

But there is no where to be

What can I say of the many wondrous

Secrets she still harbors?

I shall not. To say more

Is to allow the destructive nature

Of 'Sacred' life

To finally and completely

Render a space dust

As a mere memory

In the sands of time.

The End

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