Dream No More

I'll see you in my dreams tonight

Can't tell if it's wrong or right

No way to stop these night illusions

My conscience and fears in odd transfusions


The sweetness in them acid green

True nightmares of a life unseen

The lightness in my heart I feel

Turning the cogs in this subconscious wheel


A masquarade, a glimmer

An oasis that heat makes shimmer

A dream so perfect it makes me sick

Walled in my slumber brick by hateful brick


I know you doze with dreams unmolested

Eyes tight shut, endurance untested

You dream of things that set you free

You aren't infected with thoughts of me


I'll see you in my dreams tonight

My brain riddled with this cruel plight

I'll wake and scream the lies you swore

Then I'll take to the darkness, and dream no more

The End

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