Dream Girl

I live to dream, and dream I do

the golden dream, a dream of you

arriving by chariot, drawn by stars

you travel to visit, and come from afar

our time is brief, much like our bliss

we cherish each moment, waste not one kiss

and when our lips meet, my soul alights

a vitality restores, a passion ignites

tempest affections, electric reaction

mixing fated chemistry, and destined attraction

our bodies embrace, as we come to know

what once was two, is now made whole

your fevered skin, your rosy blush

your dainty voice, gives me a rush

your body comforts, I feel secure

we open our hearts, our love is pure

then morning comes, a colorful dawn

I awaken alone, the dream is gone

your image fades, but memories remain

though to be honest, you have no name

you are only a figment, part of the dream

but the brightest part, a radiant gleam

and when I sleep, I’m awaiting you,

a golden dream, a dream come true

The End

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