Walking along a beach of gray, birds dance for her. Vines twist and sand chills. Creatures watch as blood stills. Touch upon touch a lavender scratch. Trees sway as willows scream. Our mouths dry our souls thirsty. Shadows curl and day jumps. Time slips as river flows. Vultures swirl and a single feather lands. From the feather a leaf falls burned to crisp it ignites. Flames crumble and many light, until the entire sky is filled with soot. From the ashes sprouts a black oak, pretty as it seems but as thorns grow. Many, many thorns. They twist and crack, ache to bite. Sand drifts as an entrance of a single rose, black from tip to tip except for a slight shade of red. Blood red. Sky falls beneath us as the world turns. Head over heels. The horses run, cobwebs fill there way. Black widow scales the lane. A woman peers and bears her teeth. The wood snaps as flames burst. The ocean alit with fire and the sky itself consumes us. Entrance to light as the single door opens. We all go deep. Deeper. Deeper. Inferno rising, hair tips fringed as eyes turn dark. We enter a world unseen by others. Ten thousand mirrors all shattered. No ground, no sky, no walls, no earth, nothing. A single man limps to us, no eyes has he but oh he has seen everything. His mouth sewn shut, but he has said it all. Patches of color soar, stitched together by lost souls. From the tears of the man a book grows. Vines twist together to create it, paper burns into existence. The book floats in front of me, screaming to be open. My hands stretch and as I grip the book a shock of intensity flies threw my veins. I open the book as the pages flip on their own. Each page blank and as pail as the dead.

I turn to her, our eyes click. Our souls connect. As our skin trembles and our hair stands on end. Our eyes close, our view changes. There and then we kiss, from the single act our hearts clearly entwine. From there as we cant see but the book dissolves. From the dust there is left only one page, left from the thousands. On it reads at the top three mystical words. No fancy text, no big letters, no secret meaning. . .just the words “I Love You”.

The End

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