This is Who I am Now

This is who I am now

the golden gates close and desinagrate

as if they were a metaphor

describing your


as the sky fades into

purples then greys

i lean over the pile of dust

that is just about to blow away in the wind

i catch my tear before it disturbs the reminates of

who are you now?

But particles of dust clogging my lungs

a bomb went of somewhere in your mind

destroying the best parts of you

of us


I marched straight down the yellow brick road

only to notice i was all alone

no melody for me.

Sometimes you have to be your own hero

ironic, you taught me that


This is who i am now

head hidden in the stars

hands waving to the oceans

feet, anywhere warm

purhapes exploring the comforts of wooden fire

or deep down tickeling the core or all of us


This is who i am now


laughing at horrors of life

its a talent well earned

after my toes got burned

warmth isn't always good


we've been studying stones

that encase the bones of our past

stone cold, they have outlast the warmest smile

i can mull them into a wall


keeping the tragedy from me

so maybe i can laugh

next time i get lost in that one part of town you know

to never go


I will laugh

because your complexity

always baffled me

and when i find my self lost

somehow i find you

the places i know where not to go



On the edge of fantasy

constantly testing reality

balance and clarity sit proudly beside friends and family

who are humble and welcoming

sometimes its warmth that melts the ice

to the things most grounding

this is who i will stay


The End

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