Watching someone you love, hurt themselves, and having the strength to walk away, because no matter how hard you rtry to help them, they need to want to help themselves.

It is change that has corrupted you with dwelling
you turn to needles to battle the countless dragons that knock at your door.
like the lion that roared for silence,
your echo waits for the rest of the world to notice that your existence is
your shadow fades with every flight to the neon gates of temporary relief
i know its your divine belief that it won’t happen to you
those empty people lingering in doors ways of in between
once upon a time they were wearing your shoes,
they were walking on the wrong side of the wild side
trying to find the glow of an "exit" sign.
clawing at there disturbed minds searching for the right choice.
to bad they had melted it away
they pooled together into a river that flowed toxically through the waste land
of regrets, soiled the river of wrong turns
its time to join the assembly line of farewells
to copy and paste every mistake you made
forward it to yourself
so when you ask "what the hell was i thinking"
you will get the strength to keep holding on to what’s
keeping you down
It once was my wish to inject hope into your veins
my smile wont corrode your bones, or nibble wholes in your life
my hand wasn't yours to take,
my heart failed to shake you off
I can't save your world without destroying mine.
sometimes you have to be your own hero
I was your bridge there to ease your transition
to lift your higher but then you left me
you  plummeted
vastly missing the target of "fine"
and spiraling into deeper waters.
My words tingle and explode on my stubborn tongue
like a mixed pack of pop rocks bursting with rage because
they only get one chance to be heard.
i put on my straight face while I choke them down.
Knocking out "Your forgiven" and strangling all the " I miss you’s"
Your dragons ignored my door and burned down the walls
that held my sanity.
You have stripped me of my necessities.
past, love, clarity
i take a stand
my future lay untainted by your burning desires to drain the world
of its beauty.
Your a movie to painful to watch
a song to sad to hear.
I start digging a hole in my memory
just for you
so i can forget all we have been through
so i can stop caring when the dragons come to take your breath away
I stood up for your, i stood down for you
i will drive on a road deliberately paved away from yours
never crossing
i leave only a trail of shattered glass where my rear view mirror lay smashed
resembling my thoughts of you, but i can't look back now
my tears protest as I
I refuse to repeat this

The End

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