Dragon lady

once in a lifetime

you meet someone

someone special

not more than once

you meet yourself

your best friend

your confident

the one you can turn to


if without myself

i have nothing

not even a grain of bread on the table

no water

 no air

i am at a stop


what can i do

what can i say

what makes a difference

who am i to you

out side world so blue

i could be a carpenter

and make wonderful carvings

i could be a lover and be the best at my game

but really underneath this naked skin

what lies here


a simple human being

what lies beneath might hurt

what lies beneath maybe grand

i can only have the answer to this

for i am just a man

Promethee the women

Promethee the gypsy

Promethee the mother

Promethee the friend

who are we  just walking bodies

are we more than just a meat market

can we be  love that Jesus said was in our hearts

can we be more than just a human condition

really i sit alone  and ask myself

what is this Earth we call home

the truth and a lie mixed together like a party mix

Promethee is in her head will she come out

people move to fast and  Earth it moves too slow

Promethee the hermit

better off in that glow

dont wish to understand me

i dont even understand my own flow

so please be kind im only human

what an awful human condition

half God would be a wish

The End

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