Dragging Me DownMature

I wrote this while pissed off with my ex-fiance.
Written 09/11/10.

I thought it was supposed to be easier,

Now we're not together,

Yet you're still here,

Still dragging me down.


Why can't you just leave?

Sleep in the street, in your car,

I don't care anymore,

You've gone too fucking far!


You thought we'd last forever,

Well guess what?

I'm getting out, I'm giving up,

You don't deserve me anymore.


I told you it was over,

Yet here you still are,

Still fucking with my head,

Making me wish you were never born.


So now I know,

I'll never escape,

You'll drag me down, fuck me up,

Mess with my head, 'til there's nothing left!!



The End

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