Down on Main Street

Very political; my view on the times, the economic recession, etc. Just more fiddling with structure and rhyme--and lack thereof...

Here on Main St.
Echoes bounce off the
Walls, that flinch
Anticipating harder projectiles.

The sounds dance around
The ears of its people
As they hear the whispers
Over from the broadcasts,
Under from Wall St.,
And all around
From the halls of Washington.

Though while its walls
Reverberate, Announce,
Every little cautious notion
Every little back-hand deal
No words are spoken
On Main St.

The only sound
The sound that echoes
Within the hearts of every tenant
In every house, room, street and gutter
With the power of
Millions, shouting their message

No one need express

The ever silent
The collective understanding
Echoes loudest of all.

No one hears the meaning
Of the words, echoing around
We wait not for a message
But for a signal.
No one trusts
The words we hear

Only the Silence, thundering in our ears.

It says,
In the frightful
Passionate language
Of the generation bent
On revolution

We are ready.

We are ready.

Though no one knows for certain

All take up the call and chant
The old echoes meld with
Shouts made daily,
Hearts harden, the walls brace themselves again
As everyone waits

For the whispered silence
To become a murmur
To become a tremor
To become a shake

In progression,
It will not start slowly
For Main St. knows
It has begun.

We are Ready.

The End

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