Doubtless Desires

Easily thought, and easily forgotten-
if suddenly shaken awake.
If left in peace, and undisturbed-
what seems to be real is fake.

But the conscious mind no longer rules-
in this hibernate slumberful state.
The thoughts you think, if you were awake
your concious mind would be irate.

These fantasies, dreams of desires
that tease our utmost wants-
Let loose at night but trapped by day-
where they can no longer taunt.

If you act upon your dreams
You will obtain your goals.
Achieving things, and self-esteem-
filling in the holes.

No longer will you grab-
For things that are out of reason.
Instead you'll easily have
something to believe in.

So keep in mind, when you're out-
asleep, your mind is sealed-
that you should clear your mind of the doubt,-
and act on how you feel.

The End

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