A sonnet I wrote my Freshman year.

  • Do the doubts in thy mind cripple thy soul?
    Oh, how the cynic in me cries release.
  • Unanswerable questions of my goal
  • That burden my mind to make me complete.
  • Do I, alone, search these answers in vain?
  • In solitude I walk a dead-end road
  • With knowledge it msy just be a feign.
  • I pray to silence for what I dont know.
  • Woe, cries my spirit, to whom do I pray?
  • Only silence echoes in the abyss.
  • None of my questions to rest will I lay
  • Trying to believe ignorance is bliss.
  • Please open your eyes so that you can see
  • No forces at work or powers that be.
The End

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