Double Life

living in a new country and trying to cope with homesickness

I am living a double life, my happiness is here for all to meet

in my head there is this sadness I've exiled to my feet

behind my smile, pearly white, are words I wish I could say

my tongue curling to make their form, reminding, they will not go away.

so many questions bombarding, do I miss home?

there is a maze of complexities no one will ever know

Bubble, bubble. Pop, pop. A secret to the surface

the cauldron bubbling near the ground is moving to my face

the excitement of things anew, the distraction of the day

they are becoming more familiar and they start to give way

I am chasing these distractions but in someone else's time 

I'm running as fast as I can, but your legs are faster than mine.

so the blood circulates from my head, mixing with that in my feet

and the burning starts to spread like an unfamiliar disease.

so many smiling faces around with a kind "how are you?"

my eyes are green, my face is pink, but inside I feel so blue.

The End

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