Double faced

Just a random poem.

Portrayed just like in my thoughts,
We both holding hands,
Talking to one another,
And me;
Foolishly falling for you,
Thinking that the moment's:
So perfect,
Just like i've always wanted.
But then my perspective shatters,
As i look above your head,
And see you holding my friend;
By her hand.
With your filthy fingers,
You play with her ring,
The ring you gave her,
The ring youve never mentionned;
To me.
And you dare to kiss me,
With that mouth that has spoken,
So many lies,
Some terrible lies indeed.
But then,
Such beautiful things,
Could come out from your lips,
That would cover the truth.
And would almost blind me,
Until suddenly i could see,
Beneath them.

The End

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