Door Step


I rather be with you,

Why do you leave me on this doorstep

With your essences still on my fingertips

Imaging I hear you yelling my name

Like if you were here with me

A man walks by wearing your cologne

Your aroma enters my air waves,

And I cant help but to think about you,

My every thought consists of your warm lips

Touching my inner soul,

Causing me to lose control

Of my emotions,

And giving me a shock that gives me a chance to breath

With the blinking lights,

And the smoky roads,

I just want you to be careful

And know that I will wait for you until you get home

Cause I cant lose something that causes me such joy

Ruby red, majestic purple and icy blue

Are the colors you covered your heart in,

And you wrapped my body around to protect before your return.

I will keep it pumping with your exotic love

I will keep it warm and living

Babe, don’t worry, just be careful

, keep my heart as it pumps love into you,

As you did for mine, its so hard

Where we are…

I will be on this doorstep, until you reach your hand out

And grab me back in your arms

hold me tight, allow my tears to rest easy

Cause I cant stop crying

I miss you sitting next to me on our doorstep

Please... please... dont forget about

The End

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