don't you remember when we were so happy

 Hello there, love of mine, I’ve almost forgotten about you
My dear  St. Jimmy Have you forgotten about me too?
Remember when we used to be so happy
And everything was so perfect

I’d wear your black leather jacket
And if you got cold
you’d just hug me around the waist

 And we’d hide in that leather jacket
 away from the crowds around us
as if there was only me and you.

You’d give me your sun glasses
I’d draw you notes

You used to poke my ribs
And make me laugh and smile till it hurt
And blow in my face
Breath of minty tea

And it was a dare to see
How close we’d come
Face to face
Before we kissed

And your nose would brush my cheek
And my eyelashes
would flutter across your skin

and we would close our eyes
And fall asleep for a while
Face to face
So close

Savoring the moment
Of holding back
But holding each other close

And I’d look up to your eyes
A sea of blue steal

And you’d apologize with those eyes
For waiting too long
For wanting to hold me close

And I’d steal a kiss
From those sweet lips
Your sorrow will be gone
My darling love of mine


You told me of the things that hurt

How you saw your baby brother die
Right before your eyes
How you couldn’t do a single thing

And how everything began to change

And how this girl
You fell in love with her
But she broke your heart

First love cut you deep
But you wanted to take a chance on me
But you gave me a fair warning
On how sick you were

But I never realized till I saw your scars
Sprawled like a picture
On the canvases of your wrists

And until I heard your voice
 On the other end of the wire
Splintering before a storm

You said you didn’t feel good
You said you threw up
All those pills
To take away the pain

But you said you wanted me
To hold you
And I said I would

But you were much too far away
And I couldn’t do a single thing

So I told you  I’d talk for the whole night
And you fell asleep
And only then did my eyes win
And brought sleep to me too

and only then i knew
that i loved you


But I wasn’t perfect either

You asked me to marry you.
When we were done with college

You told me that you loved me every day,
and I could never say the words

 I was scared that you were so close
Scared I would get hurt,
or hurt you
But in the end I let you in

I said those three words
You wanted me to say
I love you
And for once I ment it
And you could tell

And I gave you everything I am
you gave me everything you were

And I would make you happy
As happy as you made me
But things are never that easy

Because once I let you in
and you found a home in my heart
All you wanted
was for me to let you out

Because once I meant what I said,
 you lied between your teeth
those three little words
right back to me

I used to not care
But now I’m so so scared
 I’d lose you. And in the end I did

And that is how you broke my heart.


but don't you remember when we were so happy

when we drew with sharpies
on eachothers arms
the lyrics
to our favorite songs
when we drank sweet tea every day
when we kissed in barns and noble
when we got caut outside in the rain
when we snuck out at night
when you hid in my closet
and wouldn't come out till i kissed you
when fell asleep on my bed so innosent and free
when we dyed my hair blue
and when i cut your hair short
when you sang me songs
when you gave me your sweater
when you said you'd never let me go

remember those stupid nicknames
jellybear and chubbie bunny
jack and sally
you said you loved

do you remember when we were so happy?
do you remember when love didn't hurt?
do you remember how we were?

The End

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