Don't Worry, I'll Catch You

My second attempt at writing a poem in a particular "style" I've been working on. Hopefully it isn't too confusing.

There's something about you

It has touched me deep inside

There are feelings that I have

That these shelters cannot hide








Oh, how I do admire

        the way that you inspire

               me to gently stoke the fire

                      of my heart's sole true desire


But alas, 'tis all in vain

It's simple, don't you see?

I can never go to you

I just hope you'll come to me


We're different, you and I

But, they say opposites attract

Your life is such a buzz

My life is just an act


I watch how you glide

Not a care in the world

Life's so simple for you

Yet I can barely endure


A few wispy threads

Are all that remains

Of what's holding me up

Of what's keeping me sane


The morning chill fades

A warm breeze rushes by

I see you're still happy

You never see me cry


Then finally it happened

The most marvelous thing

At midnight, I believe

In the middle of spring


You came closer then

Than ever before

I was ever so happy

"You're here to stay" I implored


You begged to differ

And fled in fright


You stumbled...

You tumbled...

I caught you!


You're out of luck tonight


I held you so close

In a sickening embrace

I couldn't help but notice

The look on your face


I twirled you

whirled you

spun you about

I felt those 6 legs kicking

But there's no getting out


You were in quite a panic

But with a soft silent kiss

I reduced your harsh thrashing

To a slow, fading twitch


I'll leave you to dangle

In your taut silken coffin

I'll come back in a while

When your insides have softened

The End

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