Don't Wake Me

All because of you

I lay in bed alone only seeing pictures of us two

I always think of you, right now is the millionth thought

Don’t you see this beating heart you caught?

Closing my eyes I slip into my dream land

Won’t you come and take my hand?

It’s a place for trust

In this world your love is a must

Will you meet me there?

Please show me you care

It’s too much wonder for words to mention

We’ll fall from the sky into our creation

I'm trapped in my dreams, it’s not a complain

You are the one and only who is above my disdain

Us in my dreams is all I see

Please I’m begging you, don’t wake me

We’ll be drifting in the midst of a descending sea

You are beyond mundane

Let’s runaway from all this detestation

There’s no time to spare

Escape with me from all the dirt and dust

Smile with me and let’s begin new

The End

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