Don't Tell Me

just kind of laying around and came up with this.

A boy is young ,
Full of dreams ,
Don't tell me I can't,
Are the words he sung;

People always knocking him down,
Trying to steal the dream ,
Dont tell me it's alright ,
The boy refuses to frown,

People cant change the destination,
They aren't going to stop this boy ,
Dont tell me im useless ,
Your just an infestation ;

They think hes already lost,
They dont have a clue ,
Dont tell me its over ,
He will succede at any cost,

The boy grows year by year,
Dreams creeping closer ,
Dont tell me im wasting my time,
The boys intensions are clear ;

Life meets ends the boy must choose,
He refuses to back down ,
Dont tell me i have no chance,
I will never lose ;

The dreams are big,
Seem to have no end,
Dont tell me its over ,
All you have to do is dig,

This journey has no end ,
This boy always knew ,
Dont tell me it wasnt worth it,
These dreams i worked for i will fight and defend ,

This boy tells his story ,
From time to time,
Dont tell me you wont,
Reach the dreams and glory!

The End

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