Don't Read My Books.

I honestly am not directing this at anyone. I just thought I'd speak for all the people who get irresponsible criticism on their stories, "irresponsible" being the key word in that sentence. Enjoy :3

Don't Read My Books.

You never have kind words to say
You're always disapproving
Of the way I weave my storyline
And how the prose is moving.

I try so hard to make you like
The literature I write
But you just shrug and shove away
My stories, which are my life.

Time's taught me you won't agree
With every word I pen
The first book, you hated the plot
The second book, the end

The third book of mine you tried
(You'd think you'd learn by now)
You didn't like the protagonist
You thought she let you down.

So, Darling, just remember this:
I didn't tell you to take a look!
Don't like my style? my characters?
Then don't read my freaking books.

The End

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