Don't Read If You Take Anything Seriously

This is a poem that basically insults every aspect of modern life that I could think of: art, music, poetry, fame, socialising and living

Splish, splash

Purple dash

Bit of blue

Call it new

This is modern art


Screech, scream

Discords teem

When in doubt

Give a shout

This is modern music


“Rhythm, rhyme?”

“No! No time!”

Ignore the frame

Clichéd name

This is modern poetry


Weep, wail,

“Life doth fail!”

Slit my wrists

A million hits

This is modern fame


Poke, ping

Say something

“How many likes?”

“Who’s this Mike?”

This is modern socialising


Bump, grind

Thoughts behind

Carry on

Soul is gone

This is modern living

The End

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