I've Had ItMature

You know what, you little twat?
Screw you and your ego, I've had enough.
This whole affair's just grating on me.

I've put up with it, you and your whinging
Your self-important moaning and whining
The world don't revolve around you, you know.

You think you're all that, but no, you're not.
You're a dirty little worm and nothing will change it.
Get your head outta your arse, you screwed up idiot.

Can't pretend I like you any more,
Living this lie is impossible, I won't put up with it.
Now get outta my sight before I throttle you.

I've put up with you for months, years even,
You self pitying whining and bragging.
Well, shut the hell up and clear off.

The End

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