Don't Mess With His Meat!Mature

Short little adult comedy type of poem. Emphasis on the "adult." As in, do not read this if you don't think you can handle big words like: him and purple and fart.

There once was a man from Peru.

With his cock, a dragon he slew.

Because he was the hero of the town.

They dressed him in a gay purple gown.

But a man named Tommy LaRue.

Was jealous of this purple-ish hue.

So they met on top of mount black-bat.

Where they engaged in sexual combat.

So penis clashed and semen soared.

Butt-cheeks spread and Tommy roared.

They fought all night, round after round.

And the next day Tommy's farts made no sound.

His anus sore, Tommy knew he'd been beat.

Nobody messes with the man from Peru's meat.

The End

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