Don't Make Me Cry

Don’t Make Me Cry

 By Katrina Kwan



Don’t make me cry

My heart shatters

And my eyes flood

Like I’m drowning


Yet I can breathe

But it’s difficult

My head’s under water

And it stings like acid

In my chest

Yet I have to be perfect


Do me a favour

If you want my tears

Put me out

Of all my misery

And let my soul

Rest and be calm

In a sinking abyss

Of nothingness


Don’t smile

Don’t be happy

Why do I deserve none

Of that euphoric state

While you parade with it


Do me that favour

And hold me under

My sea of black tears

Until I move no longer

With a smile on my face


Kiss my hand

That abuses its body

Until you know

And understand

Why I cry for you alone

Am I perfect for you yet?

The End

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