Tears, Fears, and Years

I'm almost always the youngest of our group,
Just by a couple years.
But though I'm the youngest,
I feel I'm the most protective.
Nobody babies me, and I don't want to be babied....
Most of the time.

But, with one friend going through a family crisis,
Making hers more like mine,
I want to be there for her.
The one that isn't much younger than me
Will soon know the life that I see,
With one parent here and one parent there.
The couple I thought had everlasting love,
Is going to be facing a break up,
And heartbreak of many shades.

And then there's her,
My other sister for all intensive purposes,
The one so strong and sarcastic.
Is hiding inside,
Not letting me know
What is wrong
Or how I can help.
She puts on a smile,
But once in a while,
Her broken armor shows through.

And then there's MY mama and grandpa,
The one's who are mentally and physically hurting.
They say Grandpa won't be around much longer,
Maybe December, maybe January,
And I don't want to let him go.
And Mama, faced with heartbreak, and illness from a young age,
Trying to protect ME when she needs it more,
Trying to be there for ME when it should be reversed. 
And I want to protect them from all that's hurting them. 

Why do I always feel the need to protect those people,
The ones that mean the world to me?
Even if they aren't related to me by law or by blood,
They're still my family. 
Mama always said that SHE was the mama bear,
But I guess that runs in the family.
Because though I may be the youngest,
I want to protect my family from their tears, and their fears.
Maybe because I'm WAY beyond my years?

The End

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