Until Then, My Beautful Friend

"Until then, my beautiful friend."
He says in a foreign tongue. 
And though the miles of line his voice travels makes it crackle,
The sound of it, the way it turns his words into melody,
It's simply marvelous. 
And because of my staggered silence,
He defends himself before I can utter a word.
"I'm just kidding, Rory, dear."
And, just like that, the moment is gone.

When I went with you the other night,
I knew that the fireworks weren't just in the sky.
The bare skin of our hands brushed when we both reached for something, and whenever we moved in the car. 
I finally got my long awaited hug,
And I couldn't ignore it then,
Though I acted as if. 
I hungered for a kiss, 
But got an "I shall miss."

"Hasta luego, mi bonita amiga."

Until then, my beautiful friend,
And I hope and pray that he means it,
But I know he doesn't,
Because he ruined it with
"Oh I was just kidding."

The End

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