Dont just exist, Live

Defining an individual by the clothes they have chosen to dress in, the clothes they have been dressed in or even the clothes they are obliged to dress in is what we continually do.

As a nation we spend most of our time people watching, paying attention to the tiny details of top shop models as we amble past them dressed in an outfit very similar to the one they are sporting but somehow never managing to make it look as good.

Making comments in our head or out loud to others as we make our way across the streets paved with diversity and into the shops laced with similarity

Often choosing the best opportunity to dish out a sharp verbal jab in the ribs

Giggling under smoky breaths like a classroom full of what some people like to call non-educated delinquent kids.


Everyday life runs in similar fashion to the politics we experienced within the four walls of our classroom while attending the school which through our younger years kept us sane

A place that felt safe as we were watched over by an older generation who had handing their knowledge and experience down to there children at the forefront of their brains

While we struggled through our most stressful acne filled years of our being they were there to guide us through every crossroad we passed

Being the GPS we needed to ensure we took the right road through our education from our first ever exam to our last.

It’s a shame however these people of wisdom were rarely able to help us out with the various degrees of playground dealings

Regularly finding ourselves to be the butt of the joke or the one lashing out struggling to work how to deal with our feelings

As we grew up scrabbling through the maze of life steering  ourselfs towards a degree or a place in an institute of further education

Blending the edges of growing up like a charcoal picture smeared by a small child’s hand trying to establish the difference between what our teachers feel is important and the main aims of primary and secondary socialisation

we discover that although everyone is continually going on about passing  exams and ending up in St Andrews or Glasgow University studying law

Actually the possibility is we will learn more from life by paying attention to the media, the people around you and everything you see on a day to day basis as you wander down a busy high street hand in hand with our new girl friend or boy friend ignoring all the comments passed on by others who have no idea what is going on behind our closed door

Travelling the world and discovering thick green forests and combing the sands of Asia watching sun set on Golden beaches as the sea laps the shore


Life is your lessons

The world is your school

Friends are your teachers

Family is your calculator that helps you work things out in your head

The journeys you take in life will fill the pages of your brain with adventure


 Don’t be what you see in a window of a shop on a busy high street in a city where you exist

Don’t spend your life working hard to achieve something your parents want you to achieve

Don’t be the person the world wants you to be or you think you should be


Be you

Be yourself

Be the person you want to be & achieve the things you want to achieve

Don’t just exist


The End

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