Dont Go Yet

Papas i love you

When i was a little girl i didnt see you alot
but now that im order
i regret not spending as much time as i could of with you
Papas I love you
please dont go yet
im not ready.. not yet..
i love you..
i dont want you to go
i cant take it if you leaft me right now..
no ones ready for you to go
now im in tears
when i see you im scared
im scared that this will be the last tiem i see you
when i hug you im afraid that it will be the last time we touch
i dont want you to go.. not just yet
we have so much more to do
i love you
dont go
im begging you..
dont leave me
dont leave grandma.. mommy daddy ry ry
dont leave.. not yet
im not so sure if ill ever be ready
but im only 13..
im younge
i need you by my side..
ill always be by your slide
when is saw you in the ICU
when i got home i cried
i thought that.. this was the end
but you fought
you survived
every night i will drop to my knees
down by my bed side
and pray..
pray that youll wake up in the morning..
I love you papas...
i hope to see you soon..
i love you..
dont leave.
. dont leave with out a good bye..
i wish you never had to leave.
. i love you papas
i know ive said that i love you alot
but im scared that every time i say it
it will be the last chance i get..
I love you for ever
- Siara McGraw

The End

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