Don't GoMature

Lost. Broken.

She begins to wonder

Why she gets out of


Whats my point?

Does anyone care?

How can everyone

so easily walk away?

The answers she'll never

Find. She barries her

Feelings in physical touch

Its the only way they see her.

She wonders why people

Walk in and walk out on her.

She wonders if they care if

They ever did at all.

Shes blank. In this moment

Shes absent she hears your

Words but cant comprehend

Them. She doesn't exsist.

She picks up the blade

With shaking hands.

She stands as she rips

Her skin.

She falls to her knees

Tears stream down her

Cheeks, hitting her wrist

The blood mixes with her

Pain. She begs you, please

Don't go! Don't leave me. Every

Moment with you

Flashes through her mind,

As she turns watching you

Walk away, "Please" she says

Her vouce shaking, "Please

Dont leave"

She tries to scream her voice

Cracking as you shut her inside

Not only the room but her own

mind, inside herself.

"Please, please, I'm begging

You" are the only words

That escape her lips as she shakes.

You leave her, crying,

Bleeding on the floor,

She can't breathe, one

More swipe....

No more tears  Her visions

Blurry and red. No time to

Turn back now, She's cold

She releases one more breath,

Shes.... Shes gone...

The End

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