Don't give up.

It takes work and confidence to succeed. Giving up is easy, but will also burn the steps to an amazing future.

"I'll never succeed."

You just spilled the gasoline.

And upon those very words you'll act.

Striking the match.

You turn your back to the heat,

And stroll down the path into the deep.

Because it's easy.

Because you didn't believe enough to try,

To step up the now burning staircase into the sky.

Tho after a period of time,

You may get sick of your life in the pits.

If you ever change your mind,

Turn your eyes back to the sky,

And decide to give the effort it takes,

To lift your lazy legs......

You'll first have to acquire the extra strength,

And a real change of heart,

To put out that failure fueled fire,

Before your journey to the sky can even start.

The End

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