Don't Give In

Thought I'd try and throw something together to give you an idea of my writing style. I'm rather fond of poetry, as you'll come to learn.

You look at me

The sceptiscm radiating from your weary gaze

Yet I gain no warmth from your attention

You're drowning in the depths of your insomniac haze.


You had it all

Without trying you were a self-righteous king

Now we're under siege from the outside

You gain no solace from the plans that I bring.


You built the walls

Misreading my  desperate attempts to get inside

Silent screams through soundproof glass

In the cradle of escapism you continue to hide.


You watched it fall

Life's aspirations crashing deafeningly to the ground

I'm still fighting against your indifference

By the hands of helplessness I am bound.


The End

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